Football clubs that have been bought by billionaires

When it comes to football, you know that nothing is considered a whim, and billionaires can lose a bundle or two on a football subject without hesitation.

Who bought a football club?

This article was inspired by a video that appeared on the YouTube channel in 2018 under the Spranox account. Well, in 2011, Paris Saint Germain was bought by a Qatari group, with the promise of offering €100 million to recruit players. Its aim is to win the French championships, the Champions Leagues and this in the long term. And a year later, the Qatari club has been blowing up games with the arrival of Verratti, Tiago Silva or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. So, you can imagine that this takeover has won a lot of trophies in France. Neymar's transfer perhaps promises Champions League success.  OM was bought by billionaire Franck McCourt in 2016. And the club's director launched the famous OM Champion Project, with Dimitri Payet returning. Another well-known title is the purchase of AS Monaco in 2019 by Russian Dimitri Riboloviev in 2011. Then the club welcomed professional players who contributed to the success of the club.

Why this ambition to buy a football club?

This ambition was founded in 2005 in Spain, after losing his chance to be president to Bachelet, Sebastián Piñera followed his brother's advice. He had to be president of Colo-Colo, the most popular transandin club, if he wanted to govern the country. But it is an action that should be followed by another, because no matter that he is a fan of the Catholic university in the region, apparently being part of football is a method to reach executive power in these lands. Football can indeed bring together the ambitions of two people who just happen to have the same inclinations towards a sport. It is possible to go beyond what the professional goal originally envisaged, such as creating a football club association.

And even though in most cases these football-related associations and organisations are victims in the face of the state's profit to increase the tax rate of these clubs, the members remain in the race and always attend every meeting.